Göttlesbrunn is a truly unagitated village in an unagitated region. The landscape is gentle and without sensations. No summit, no lake, no river, waterfall or canyon. Simply just gently rolling hills. Consequently, the people living here are not very different from others elsewhere. Boring? On the contrary! Just what we love. Because this provides us with the calm freedom to pay attention to the negligibilities and  intricacies, the details, small things and peculiarities and make our wines the way we make them. Honest, down-to-earth,rooted, ageless and unmistakable.


Anyone may want to be better, bigger, more famous more trendy or more international than us. That's not our ambition. We are not looking to be measured  against others but ourselves. Authenticity, honesty and true quality is what we claim, handing down the tradition our task. Consequently, we rather ask ourselves: Are we going to go the easy way, or take our duty, our wines and our customers seriously? Are we keeping our eyes and ears open? Are we wasting our time or seizing the day?


Sometimes it's best to simply be quiet or "keep the beak shut" as we say here. In order to let our eye, nose, tongue, palate and soul take on everything the wine has to tell us. Our wine by all means. Because it doesn't scream and shout. It prefers to whisper, speaking hardly loud enough to drown everyday chitchat. What does it say? We don't want to tell you here. But lend your ear to our wine and you will not be disappointed. Promised.