Zweigelt Classic: Once won´t matter.

Zweigelt means pure drinking pleasure. That's why this incredibly versatile domestic variety dominates our line-up at a strong 40%. As Zweigelt Classic it comes from several south-easterly vineyards in the Carnuntum wine region where the 7 to 45 year old vines find ideal conditions to fully mature on soils ranging from loamy to gravelly. This interesting mix of young and old vines warrants the Zweigelt's typical versatility, fruityness and zest that makes this classic so stimulating and often seduces one unto another glass. As said before: Once won't matter.

2017: Powerful aromas of cherry and blueberry. Juicy and dense on the palate with fine tannins and cool, spicy, dark berry fruit that softly ebbs through the finish.

Alc. 13.2 % vol., Acidity 5.8 g/l, Residual Sugar 1.7 g/l, dry red wine

Sankt Laurent Classic: Big Little Brother.

Our classic Sankt Laurent might be seen as Sankt Laurent Reserves little brother, but still it's not a small wine. Quite contrary. With its grapes from vines up to 35 years old growing in gloriously sun exposed, rocky calcareous vineyards that suit this type exceptionally well. By the way: We will tell you a secret if you don't pass it on. What makes Sankt Laurent Classic so particularly "burgundy", are 10% of the best Pinot Noir, just not turning it into a Cuvée by legal definition, but providing a final polish.

2016: Spicy aroma with notes of wild cherry, elderberry and almond. Burgundian fruit expression; juicy and elegant marked with a finesse-laced structure and fine-grained tannins.. Cuvée: 90% St. Laurent, 10% Pinot Noir

Alc. 12.4 vol%, Acidity 5.3 g/l, Residual Sugar 1.5 g/l, dry red wine

Rubin Carnuntum: De Gustibus non disputandum est.

Albeit the Romans who once founded and inhabited Carnuntum could not know about Zweigelt, they would have enjoyed this one from up to 45 year old vines with joy. This wine brings along everything you desire from a versatile full-bodied red wine. Color, fragrance, body and a lovely extra sweetness that always creates appetite for another sip. In short: A classic for every day and every opportunity.

2016: Deep, dark ruby & garnet colour with an opaque core. The nose exudes aromas of spice, black cherry and blueberry. A full-bodied wine with sublime extract sweetness and firm tannins. Very good ageing potential.

Alc. 13.4 vol%, Acidity 5.7 g/l, Residual Sugar 1.3 g/l, dry red wine

Neuberg: Best Valley Location.

Our Neuberg is named after the favorable wind-shaded location with its slight south easterly slope. You could say it's big little brother of our Bärnreiser, and a classic Austrian with almost 80% domestic types of grapes. In combination with the rather young vines (about 20 years), Neuberg always yields wines very strong in character that are always amenable a little earlier than those from Bärnreiser or Schüttenberg. Thanks to the slightly higher Merlot proportion it also shows up a little less complicated and more casual.

2016: Deep, dark ruby hue with an opaque core. Cool and spicy fragrance of dark berries and prune plus a hint of fine Cassis confit. A full-bodied wine with distinctive tannins and lovely length. Cuvée: 60% Zweigelt, 25% Blaufränkisch und 15% Merlot

Alc. 13.7 vol%, Acidity 5.4 g/l, Residual Sugar 1.2 g/l, dry red wine

Pinot Noir Reserve: Not for everyone.

Pinot Noir is known as a variety to divide opinions. While some find the typical "stink" offensive to their nose, others fall for this most burgundy of Burgundies head over heels. Like ourselves. That's why we cultivate it in the rocky calcareous vineyards Rosenberg and Scheibner, which are exposed rather to the east than the south. This provides large temperature fluctuation during the day (hot days and cool nights) and allows our Pinot Noir to develop its incredibly multifaceted character that we love it for so much.

2014: Lovely garnet hue. Subtle aromas of red berries and blossoms as well as fine spices. Notes of rhubarb and rose hip on the palate. A very firm, yet delicate and minerally Burgundy with a precise, tight tannin structure.

Alc. 13.0 vol%, Acidity 5.1 g/l, Residual Sugar 1.5 g/l, dry red wine

Sankt Alte Reben: Reserved for good guests.

The best grapes for Sankt Laurent Reserve grow to maturity in the perfectly sun-exposed Bärnreiser vineyard, also the home of our premium cuvée of the same name. „Grace to“ vines up to half a century old and finding ideal conditions on well ventilated calcareous and gravelly soils, yield is relatively low here.  Nonetheless, grape quality is very good even in average years, and utterly sensational in good ones.

2015: Fine fragrance of elderberry and black forest cherry. Subtle hints of violets and other blue-toned blossoms with an undertone of dark berries. Burgundian in expression – juicy and elegant with cool fruit and fine-grained tannins.

Alc. 12.9 vol%, Acidity 5.3 g/l, Residual Sugar 1.6 g/l, dry red wine

Schüttenberg: Quite the contrary.

Tension, definition, absolute vineyard character and suitability for storage are not the features commonly attributed to Zweigelt, although it provides the base of all great red wine cuveés in our region and beyond. Schüttenberg, being named after the gravelly-loamy original location with its southerly exposure, contradicts all preconceptions and shines not only as single vineyard wine but also as multifaceted wine to be put to storage and benefit from a few years of in-bottle maturation. Its "endurance" might even be a few years more than that of Bärnreiser.

2016: Deep, dark ruby & garnet hue with an opaque core. Cool plum and cherry fruit tones accompanied by nuances of tobacco and fresh sour cherry and an undertone of fine spices. Expressive tannins and light bitter chocolate notes on the finish.

Alc. 13.7 vol%, Acidity 5.9 g/l, Residual Sugar 1.0 g/l, dry red wine

Bärnreiser: All but honey.

17th century chronicles tell stories of witches striking terror in "Pernreisern" and quite a few of them had to give their lives for it. Today this vineyard stands for a premium cuvée made of Zweigelt, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon from vines up to 50 years old. A wine for truly great moments with long stamina and outstanding storage potential - though you will only be able to experience this when you "manage to" keep it in the cellar long enough.

2016: Noble aromas of dark berries and cassis with blackberry spice. Firm, tight body full of structure and substance. Gripping tannins and bitter chocolate tones. Excellent ageing potential.

Cuvée: 50% Zweigelt, 30% Merlot, 18% Blaufränkisch und 2% Cabernet Sauvignon

Alc. 13.9 vol%, Acidity 5.5 g/l, Residual Sugar 1.0 g/l, dry red wine

Bärnreiser Reserve: Only in our best years.

Before you ask. No, unfortunately we ourselves don't have any left. You can only search it out in the free market. The yield is quite low, mainly due to a combination of extremely sparse soils, vines up to 50 years in age, small grapes, steep slopes and our commitment to only vinify it in the very best of years. In return, the little that we create in micro vinification completely without technology, additives, filtration or other falderal represents the quintessence of this special vineyard.

2012: Dark ruby and garnet hue with a touch of violet. Fine scents of noble wood spice, nougat, dark berries, ripe cherry, orange zest and a fine balsamic nuance. A multi-faceted, complex and juicy wine with tones of wild berries, confit, ripe plum and expressive, vital tannins. Minerally with lengthy extract sweetness on the finish. Great potential – a very big future.

Cuvée: 60% Merlot, 30% Zweigelt, 10% Caberbet Sauvignon

Alc. 15.2 vol%, Acidity 5.5 g/l, Residual Sugar 1.5 g/l, dry red wine