Welschriesling: What a start.

Welschriesling is simply a good start for anything. For a good end, to make our Welschriesling we use only the best grapes from 7 - 35 year old vines on south easterly slopes. Controlled cool fermentation makes an animating, crisp Welschriesling that many enjoy as "Spritzer" (Wine mixed with sparkling water).

2017: An elegant nose revealing hints of citrus, wild flowers and green apple. Extremely fine structure featuring a very juicy and spicy palate.

Alc. 12. vol%, Acidity 6.1 g/l, Residual Sugar 1.1 g/l, dry white wine

Grüner Veltliner: Duration is the soul of zest.

Being barely "Lower Austrian", the Grüner Veltliner suits us well and rounds off our wine line-up with another fresh facet. Growing on up to 40 year old vines on south easterly sand and gravel slopes, which provide challenging temperature changes throughout the day, making it possible to grow to full ripeness at daytime while developing a fine complexity at night. Being the traditional Austrian wine it goes exceptionally well with traditional Austrian cuisine. Still, it's a joy on its own also.

2017: A fine, spicy Veltliner nose with a whiff of chamomile underneath yellow fruit tones. A peppery, spicy white wine with balanced acidity.

Alc. 12.3 vol%, Acidity 6.2 g/l, Residual Sugar 1.3 g/l, dry white wine

Chardonnay: Nice on the outside, gentle on the inside.

Our Chardonnay, as white wine in general, is not produced in large amounts. Nonetheless we dedicate equally as much care to it as to all our wines. This one comes from hand picked grapes growing on vines up to 45 years old on south easterly slopes. Ideal conditions for this variety that result in a beautifully mineral final note, yet smooth and brilliant, a versatile companion for almost any food where red wine is not first choice.

2017: KComplex bouquet of ripe yellow fruit, nuts and biscuit underscored by an exotic citrus fruit expression. A soft and smooth palate with fine minerality on the finish.

Alc. 13.3 vol%, Acidity 6.1 g/l, Residual Sugar 2.5 g/l, dry white wine

Chardonnay Rothenberg: White hills.

Rothenberg, our first Single Vineyard Chardonnay, derives its name from the red gravel that is characteristic for the soil of this forest-edge vineyard at relatively high altitude (in our situation ;-). Unlike the calcareous Schüttenberg, Rothenberg is quite  mineral, which - in union with the late maturation - accounts for a good portion of salinity and structure. No wonder: The cool forest air is the reason for the late maturation and outstanding aroma. At the same time, being close to the forest our Deer friends in nature, Boars and Birds all attracted to the sweet grapes must be banished. On the other hand, we would rather seduce you instead. Well then ...

2016: Complex aromas of ripe yellow fruit, acacia flowers and biscuit underscored by exotic fruit drops. Delicate yet supple palate with a salty minerality on the finish.

Alc. 13.1 vol%, Acidity 5.7 g/l, Residual Sugar 2.5 g/l, dry white wine

Sauvignon Blanc: Never gonna let you down.

Sauvignon Blanc is not really characteristic for our region but for ourselves, as we've been producing it for more than 50 years. That's why we don't want to give it up, instead we see it as wonderful enrichment of our line-up. It comes from our Schüttenberg and Rothenberg vineyards, growing on vines up to 18 years old. The location in vicinity to the cool forest provides an attractive temperature interplay during the day. This, along with the gravelly calcareous soils, accounts for its splendid complexity. Always stylistically ripe and not intrusive but rather fruity, making it a universal food companion - never going to let you (and us) down.

2017: Bright Sauvignon aromas of gooseberry, elderflower and ripe exotic fruit. Intense and particularly juicy on the palate with a minerally, vibrant acidity on the finish.

Alc. 13,4 vol%, Acidity 6.8 g/l , Residual Sugar 2.1 g/l, dry white wine

Gelber Muskateller: Hello yellow fellow.

This Yellow Muscatel stands for a good mood and comes from our Hagelsberg vineyards. Hagelsberg roughly translates to "Hail Mountain" but fortunately the name doesn't often stand for its drastic promise. On the contrary, almost every year it offers splendid grapes that we process spick and span into a fresh, well-tempered and fruity-cheerful Yellow Muscatel for the sun deck, Apres-Ski, Aperitif, Party and everything else providing casual joy.

2017: Plenty of grape & berry notes along with intensive accents of muscat and rose. Also light citrus and orange zest tones. Fine and smoothly flowing with a minerally acidity structure and a balanced, dry finish.

Alc. 11.5 vol%, Acidity 6.9 g/l, Residual Sugar 2.8 g/l, dry white wine